> FAQ – Pam’s Plethora


What types of offers are available at Pam's Plethora?

Pam's Plethora Marketplace offers five different services that you can choose during the ad post.

However, it is not allowed to switch between additional services once it is live.

Pam's Plethora offers the following services

  • Sell
  • Auction
  • Buying

How did Auctions work at Pam's Plethora?

To take part in the auction, you need to register an account with Pam's Plethora. Once you have an account with us, select any auction from the sidebar and decide your bidding value.

Enter your bid value according to the standard minimum amount. One the auction is completed, and you've won the bid, you will receive the confirmation email shortly.

How To Endorse Submitted Ad?

Pam's Plethora offers ads promotion options, selects you submitted ads from the action menu, and list all available promotion options. Select your preferred choice from the list of promotion packages.

All promotions campaigns proceed to the payment screen, select your payment more, and pay your promotion plan. Your promotion will be valid once your payment has been made.

What Submitting Packs Do Pam's Plethora Offer?

It depends on the preference of the marketplace you select; however, we offered two types of submitting plans.

  • Packages Plan
  • Subscriptions Plan

How Can I Contact my Supplier?

You can retrieve the supplier's phone number from the seller profile or any of his related ads. If you are registered with Pam's Plethora, you can send a direct message. Navigate to any ad and click the button for sending messages.

How does the Review System work?

Select the types of reviews from buyer and seller options. Please register to our marketplace and send a text message to a seller. Once the seller replies to your request, you will check the seller's review. A posted review cannot be changed. Also, vendors and buyers have the option to respond to the review.

What Are Featured Ads?

Featured Ads appear on the top when you visit the marketplace or login to your dashboard. These ads are your preferred setting or mark as favorite from usual listings. You can see highlighted ads as Featured Ads.

How to Report Ad?

The best way is to reach us if you find any ad against our policy; you can report directly or Fill out the form by clicking the report button, you can write any specific detail, and our administrator will look into it.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard and are accepted at Pam's Plethora.

Can I add a picture to my ad?

Yes, select the option “Add Images" during the ad posting process. You will be encouraged to upload images of your product.